Class of 2021-2022 Spiritual Direction Training

This cohort will start with a fully online or hybrid schedule for the first semester (Jan-May), and will return to a fully in-person schedule when it is safe to do so. 

Course Requirements

Spiritual Disciplines:

  • Engage in personal, life-giving spiritual practices. Share your spiritual journey regularly with your own spiritual director, and with your SDT cohort through forums and weekend sessions.
  • Complete times of solitary retreat to focus on your own journey and contemplative practices. We recommend discussing these experiences with your spiritual director.

Spiritual Direction:

  • Provide spiritual direction for at least two adults (over 18) for a combined minimum of twenty sessions in two years, with a goal of having at least seven sessions with one individual. Students should not have more than four directees at one time. We can help you find directees.
  • Write a 1-2 page verbatim each month on a direction session you have given. Submit it to your faculty supervisor at least one week prior to class.

Spiritual Kinship:

  • Broaden the application of spiritual direction by applying the same skills to new settings. Meet with and offer spiritual kinship to someone on the margins. PRC will make the arrangements through its work in the Community Meal Program in Lancaster City and with immigrants at York Detention Center. Forums and teaching sessions will also emphasize practicing spiritual kinship.


  • Regular participation in class sessions and on the online student forum each month between sessions. Always engage respectfully and thoughtfully with those holding differing views.


  • Read and interact with the texts and assigned readings each month prior to class.

 Join Spiritual Directors International (SDI):

  • Join SDI as a student member ($59 per year). You receive their quarterly journal, Presence, for up-to-date articles in the practice and get special student rates for spiritual direction liability insurance (highly recommended). More information will be provided during the first weekend of SDT.


A fully online or hybrid schedule will be used Jan-May 2021, and again as needed based on safety concerns during COVID.


11:00: Room check-in (optional)

Noon: Bring-your-own Lunch

1:00: Contemplative Gathering

1:45:  Discussion of SD Issues

2:30: Group A Supervision / Group B Contemplation

4:00: Break

4:30: Group B Supervision / Group A Contemplation

6:00: Dinner

7:00: Practicum Reflection and Discussion of the Readings

8:30: Graces for Gathering and Compline

9:00: Silence through the night



7:30: Breakfast (in silence)

8:00: Morning Reflections

9:00: Main Teaching Time

11:15: Fishbowl: SD with Instructor

12:30: Lunch

1:30: Group A Supervision / Group B Contemplation

3:30: Break

4:00: Group B Supervision / Group A Contemplation

5:30: Gathering the Graces

6:15: Departure


Kairos Faculty

Rev. Julia Bruton-Sheppard, M.Div. is ordained in Baptist Minister. She is the Program Facilitator for Communication and Leader Development at the Philadelphia Baptist Association where part of her work is providing spiritual direction for pastors and writing diversity curriculum on Cultural Humility.

Julia’s previous career was as a hospice nurse. She is a seasoned Spiritual Director and Kairos SDT alum. She specializes in Jungian dreamwork.

Rev. Dr. Eldon Fry, D.Min. founded Open Hands, a nonprofit focusing on spiritual direction and formation for pastors and church leaders. Eldon has spent much of his career serving in interdenominational settings and has provided coaching and mentoring to those in ministry across 14 denominations.

Eldon had been ordained in The Wesleyan Church for over 50 years and has pastored multiple congregations. He has trained in Spiritual Direction at Kairos and Shalem.


Jan 15-16, 2021
Feb 19-20 2021
Mar 19-20, 2021
Apr 16-17, 2021
May 21-22, 2021
Sep 17-18, 2021
Oct 15-16, 2021
Nov 12-13, 2021
Dec 10-11, 2021


Jan 14-15, 2022
Feb 18-19, 2022
Mar 18-19, 2022
Apr 22-23, 2022
May 20-21, 2022
Sep 16-17, 2022
Oct 14-15, 2022
Nov 11-12, 2022
Dec 9-10, 2022

 A fully online or hybrid (Friday online and Saturday with the option of in-person) schedule will be used Jan-May 2021, and as needed moving forward.


Room & board charges ($250) will be deducted off of all students’ first semester tuition (listed below). If we continue to meet online, more room & board charges may also be deducted.

Early Bird Price: $3,000 per year 

(Apply before Nov. 1, 2020)

Pay Monthly
Set up automatic, monthly payments of  $250

Pay Yearly
$3,000 due on Dec. 15, 2020
$3,000 due on Dec. 15, 2021

Regular Price: $3,500 per year

(Apply after Nov. 1. 2020)

 Pay Monthly
Set up automatic, monthly payments of $292

Pay Yearly
$3,500 due on Dec. 15, 2020
$3,500 due on Dec. 15, 2021

Limited financial aid is available. Applicants are encouraged to seek funding from their church, religious affiliations, or employer.

$500 scholarships are available on a limited basis. If you are interested in a scholarship, please include a letter of request for financial aid with your application. The letter of request should include why you are seeking financial aid at this time, other avenues of funding you have pursued, and any other information that would be helpful in making this decision. If you receive a scholarship, it may be applied immediately or spread evenly across your first-year monthly payments.

Scholarships are awarded yearly based on the pool of applicants from all SDT cohorts. A first-year scholarship does not guarantee a second-year scholarship. You will need to submit a new letter of request (by Nov. 1, 2021)  to be considered.

Additional aid may be available to help students receive monthly spiritual direction throughout SDT. If the cost of this practice is prohibitive, please include it in your letter of request.

Have three personal references write a letter of recommendation answering the questions below. References must be submitted before your application can be considered.

  1. How are you familiar with the applicant and their ministry?
  2. What is your personal appraisal of the applicant’s skills and potential in Spiritual Direction? (Please note that skills in spiritual direction—listening, noticing God, tending someone’s spiritual journey—can be demonstrated in any profession).
  3. Would you have any hesitation in referring someone to the applicant for spiritual direction?
  4. What is your appraisal of the applicant’s spiritual maturity and practice?
  5. What is your opinion of the applicant’s psychological maturity and stability?
  6. What is at least one area of the applicant’s life or work that you see as an area in need of growth?


All applications should include a 1-2 page personal essay including:

  • Your discernment around starting Spiritual Direction Training;
  • Experience of spiritual direction or spiritual friendships with others;
  • Background in theology, psychology, communications;
  • Exposure to readings and/or study in spiritual formation.

Please include a bibliography of formative books.


Apply Online

1. Fill out the Application Form on this page. We will contact you with an invoice for the application fee.

2. Download the Personal References Form and send it to 3 references. We cannot consider your application until we receive the references.

3. Send us your personal essay (and financial aid request if applicable) to

Apply by Mail

1. Download the Application Form. Mail your completed application form, personal essay, financial aid request (if applicable), and a check for the $150 application fee made out to Parish Resource Center to 2160 Lincoln Highway E. #18, Lancaster, PA 17602.

2. Download Personal References Form and send it to 3 references. We cannot consider your application until we receive the references.

Application Form

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