• March 25, 2021
    7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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This workshop will be a live webinar through Zoom. A Zoom link will be included in an email sent to you after registration. Not able to attend on this date? Ask us how you can access a recording of the webinar.

Learn an unconventional form of meditation which releases your creative energy, prompted by a book, and use your hands for something creative and cathartic. Bring an un-precious book of your choice, which will provide endless prompts for reflection and discovery. What is an un-precious book? It’s one that:

  • Contains words that intrigue and inspire you
  • You are interested in transforming to find new meaning
  • May contain precious information but is in an unprecious form
  • You are comfortable altering with paint, markers, or glue

Almost any book can be an un-precious book! When you start to focus on individual words, words running down a page, page numbers, and margins, any book can lead to reflection. Think of each page as a new prompt for your creative and meditative practice. What do the patterns on the page evoke? Is there a particular word or phrase that stands out, a specific page number that sparks an old memory?

As you transform your book – by adding, covering, or removing – you will create a uniquely personal item somewhere between an art project and a journal. The act of creation is deeply personal; the end product doesn’t have to be shared. Attendees don’t need an artistic background, and there’s no pressure to conform to orthodox standards of fine art.

Attendees should have the following items available:

  • A book – large or small, fiction or nonfiction, thick or slim
  • Art Supplies (any or all of the following)
    • Markers
    • Paint and brushes
    • Magazines or other paper to cut up
    • Glue or tape
    • Scissors

Book collage with an unprecious book is artist Nichole Madonna’s response to finding herself with finite resources and restless hands during quarantine. She has always considered books to be very precious items that needed to be treated with the utmost care. So transforming a book was a mini-revolution that led to an astonishing discovery of catharsis and meditation. Her approach is designed to be accessible to all by using whatever materials are available. The book itself is easily portable. Add in a few markers and you can take a moment of creative meditation almost anywhere!

Nichole Madonna is a fine artist and art instructor. She studied at the PA College of Art and Design. She loves to provide creative services to local individuals and businesses, in hopes to form a deep connection between art and the public. Nichole creates temporary nature mandalas for others to find.

LENT SERIES – Each Thursday, we will have a new presenter sharing a practice that is meaningful to them. Try out new ways to connect with God during these interactive workshops. Pick and choose those that interest you most. Or register for all 6 for the price of 5.


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