About Parish Resource Center

Since its founding in 1976 by Dr. Douglas Whiting, the Parish Resource Center (PRC) has served churches of many denominations in Central Pennsylvania. The PRC provides congregations with the tools they need to advance their ministries. It also helps to create a network of support among faith communities.

The PRC serves as a hub for church leaders and members to exchange ideas, learn new skills, and seek guidance, support, and encouragement. In the past ten years, PRC has received nearly 20,000 service requests from churches asking for assistance to carry out God’s work.

The PRC supports congregations every day in various ways, including:

Customized consultations:

Our consultants serve as adjunct staff of subscribing congregations.

Our approach is practical. We understand that churches, large and small, need help with the many tasks that are part of serving their congregations and communities each week. That’s our job. Each PRC consultant has specialized skills, but all are able to assist with the varied challenges facing congregations every day. They have professional training, practical experience and abundant creativity. Not sure if what you need is something we offer? Please ask.

We understand that each congregation we work with is unique. We’re committed to understanding the culture and tradition of each church. Give us a call or send us an email to let us know what assistance you would like. We’re happy to meet you in your space or have you stop by the PRC. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to use our services.

We are also prepared to connect congregations to each other because we have discovered that they frequently learn from and support each other. Many find resource in each other and become ongoing companions.

To explore our services, please call us at 717-299-1113 or email Kate Good at kate@parishresourcecenter.org.

Workshops, Events, and Webinars:

For more than 37 years, people who love the church have gathered at the PRC to discuss stimulating ideas, learn new techniques, and consider challenging questions. Our workshops and webinars feature wise and thoughtful leaders, both locally and nationally, who inspire, educate, and equip congregational leaders and teachers.

To learn more about our current workshops, events, and webinars, please click here.